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Welcome to our page of knowledge and a chance to educate our valued clients on our painting services.

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We will take the guess work out of choosing the right painter for your painting requirements. 

Everyone has experienced the headache of trying to make sense of receiving three quotes at once, especially when the gap between quote prices is quite substantial. Being a painter, you don't require to be qualified, virtually anyone can pick up a brush, and say, "I'm a painter" and work for them selves.  The purpose of this page is to educate our valued clients on the pitfalls in the painting industry, as we don't want to see this happening to you.



Welcome, my name is Tony, and I am a qualified painter, holding a certificate 3 in painting and decorating. I hope you enjoy reading my page on painting disasters. The purpose of this page is to help you and educate you, as a valued client, on your decision before you hire a painter to paint your home. It's a fact that 85% of painting companies do not hire qualified or skilled painters to do their work. Most painters don't receive tertiary education and instead learn on the job. This action adversely affects painters who have actually completed an apprenticeship and had the necessary 4 years training that results in gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to complete jobs efficiently at the highest quality of workmanship. Thus, based on this information, is the reason for such a large gap between quotes, and in most cases our valued clients are in the firing line in choosing a cheap quote which leads to cheap paint and cheap job, a recipe for disasters!

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Deciding to paint your home can be a decision that will take a lot of planning and time. When organising your family and going to work at the same time as having a painter in your home can be stressful. Another option that comes to people's mind is "I will get my hubby to paint our house our selves". It's very common that lot of people choose to attempt to paint their home themselves thinking it will save them money. The reality of this is not true and it can be more costly than you think by painting your home yourself. By hiring us we can eliminate the hassle of your painting nightmare, which in the end is more efficient and less frustrating, making the value for money completely and utterly worth it. 

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Hiring a painter can be difficult, as painters are not regulated or required to be qualified or licensed like plumbers or electrician are. 

The next best form of qualification would be hiring a qualified painter, but how do you know you are hiring a qualified painter?  As a paying customer you have the right to ask the question. This is only the beginning, and we must remember that we must feel good about the tradesman you will have in your home, and a sense of trust. This is where we are here to help you decide, and choosing 1800 4 PAINTER you can TRUST and could save you a lot of money. The simple reason is, it's painted the right way from the beginning and you have warranty in your hands. We are here 24/7 for support, for life. 

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